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InSelflovology: Your Journey to Self-Love Starts Here, author Armon Anderson explores the roots of the most powerful form of love – self-love. Anderson shares poignant personal stories of heartbreak, hope, and encouragement and invites and inspires you to explore your own life and experience in order to find your own path toward self-love. Filled with tools and tips, you will feel compelled and equipped to finally set aside the struggles and pains of your past and step boldly into the endless possibilities of the present and future. Much more than a mere self-help book,Selflovlogyis a detailed guide and roadmap for personal growth and transformation.


Born in Scottsdale, AZ, and raised just outside of Los Angeles, CA,Armonspent his formative years shying away from his feelings, afraid that expressing his raw sadness would be considered taboo. His lack of self-love and self-awareness led him down many paths, eventually hitting rock bottom.Ultimately, his journey to self-love did not begin until college, when he was finally awarded a moment of clarity.With just one semester left to graduate,Armondropped out of school and started a life that felt much bigger than the degree he left behind.He quickly made it his mission to ensure no one goes through life feeling like they are alone or in despair. Today,Armonspeaks at Oak Forest Recovery Treatment Center, California State University Channel Islands, and top direct sales companies such as Modere, INC.teaching others the practice of self-love, one that needs to be exercised like a muscle that gets stronger with time.During the global pandemic,Armonturned his sights to share his message through social media.In the span of just one month, his TikTok following grew to just over 58k followers. His following is growing steadily across his platforms as he continues to spread awareness.

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