Shawn Stevenson Unboxing – How You Can Eat Smarter, Sleep Smarter & Become A Model of Great Health

What is Model Health?

“Hi, I’m Shawn Stevenson, and I’m the creator and host of The Model Health Show. Every week for the past few years I’ve been releasing a new “masterclass” episode diving into a wide range of health-related topics. But this isn’t your average health information that you learned about in school. We go beyond the books and uncover the very best health information in the world. And we also do it with style, fun, and lots of heart!


I couldn’t do what I do without my family.

They inspire me each day to want to be a better man and a greater example for what’s possible. THIS is what The Model Health Show really stands for. It’s about creating a model, your own model, that inspires you to live your best life and also inspires the world around you. You are here to create your own unique model of health, happiness, and success. And I’m here to show you how.

A big part of The Model Health Show is the masterclass episodes that I do as a solo artist (I would probably be making music if I didn’t outgrow my Thriller jacket). It’s a unique part of the show that I put my heart and soul into to create the definitive guide on each subject matter for you. Whether it’s understanding the science behind different forms of exercise, strategies for weight loss and reversing insulin resistance, or natural treatments for depression, when you click play, you will feel empowered.

Besides the solo shows, I also strive to bring on the very best people on the planet in their respective fields for you.

Whether it’s hormone health, epigenetics, anti-aging science, or anything else, you’re going to hear from the world’s best here.”

Shawn is also a x2 Best-Selling Author for his books “Sleep Smarter” & “Eat Smarter”

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