Be persistant to remain consistent


Book Jay for your next event, podcast, conference, school assembly, business meeting or for one-on-one Life Coaching/Mentoring

Jay has a unique story and philosophy about life on persistence.

Jay has also spoken on a number of podcasts, given talks to young people and loves to bring value where he can.

"My philosophy in life now is: Be persistent To Remain Consistent at the things you want. Consistency is the flow on effect of being Persistent. I realised that if I wanted to be successful in any capacity in my life whether it was relationships, happiness, business, mental health, leadership or improving my life overall then I needed to create a persistent mindset."

The 12 Principles To Help Improve Your Life


What is stopping you from succeeding in your life today?

Jay is a dynamic and engaging speaker who thrives on sharing empowering and interesting stories from his life that are sure to leave you breathless, inspired and encouraged. Jay gives wisdom well beyond his years. You will be left asking yourself. How on earth is Jay still standing? Let Jay bless you today by booking him for your next event, conference, podcast, business meeting, school assembly or if you would like personal one on one coaching or mentoring.

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